The gift of ubiquity no longer belongs in science fiction

You will be able to be in several cities around the world at the same time, reach agreements in three-dimensional form, sign documents, participate in boards of directors meetings, give lectures, deliver speeches, without having to physically travel.

You can optimize your work, optimize your resources and your time.

With one click you can afford to go to a seminar in New York, with another click you can sign an agreement in Paris, with another click you can go to a meeting in Tokyo and with another click you can return to the comfort of your own home. All in one day.

Our distances have changed forever


The way we interact has changed forever


The way we work has changed forever


Tachyone is the future and will soon become our new, universally recognized way of working

From today you will have a new way of doing business thanks to a physical projection in teleportation mode that will change forever the way of doing business, without wasting timeresources and energy that you can decide to reinvest in other.

Distance is a physical concept that no longer exists.

Who's Tachyone for?

Tachyone is the first teleportation work system in history. So whether you are an entrepreneur, university lecturer or manager, you definitely need to move around on business to meet your clients or students.

Sometimes it’s your clients or students who need to move around to come to you.



From today, thanks to Tachyone, with one click you can enter the office of your customers by teleporting in three-dimensional format.


From today, thanks to Tachyone, with one click you can reach your students and enter the classroom directly at their home.



From today, thanks to Tachyone, with one click you can attend more meetings in the world, secretly sign your agreements without having to dispose of any time zone.

How the Tachyone
system works

With a simple internet connection, Tachyone adapts to any space, office or venue. Your Tachyone will be sized according to your size of interest, mountable and detachable with a simple click. Tachyone can be reused as many times as you want and does not need special transport or permission to use it.

Your Tachyone allows you to be physically stable in one place, while giving you the opportunity to teleport the three-dimensional and physical part of you.

You will have no dizziness, no discomfort of any kind.

The Tachyone system is designed to bring out the most powerful part of you and allow you to do things that you thought only existed in science fiction.

Be the first to have
Tachyone system

You can pre-order your Tachyone and receive it conveniently in your office or at home by the end of May 2020.

Pre-ordering today means being among the fastest in the world and among the first in the world, and to reward your foresight, the first hundred pre orders of Tachyone will be applied to the first hundred pre orders a promotional coupon not to be missed.

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