Our Story

The first teleportation
work system

Tachyone is the first teleportation work system that allows you to teleport to multiple locations in different parts of the world with a simple click.

From the mathematical and visionary minds of two women entrepreneurs, assisted by a team of young mechanical and aerospace engineers, was born the idea of the first teleportation system inspired by the speed of transportation of quantum physics.

Tachyone is named after a hypothetical particle in physics called Tachyon which is the only particle capable of travelling faster than the speed of light. Exactly what we allow you to do: travel faster than light.

Faster than

With Tachyone you can work in a three-dimensional presence in several areas of the world at the same time, without the long travel times, without long queues, without jet lag, without large economic outlays.

Teleportation is no longer an idea that belongs to the future.

For the first time in history, you can be in the same day in different parts of the world: attend meetings from Shanghai to London to Los Angeles in the same morning. All you need is a simple internet connection and our Tachyone system.